Full Detail

·      Our professional detailers bring your vehicle to its highest appearance potential inside and out. Includes: hand wax, cleaning and treating of all molding, vinyl, upholstery/leather, interior/exterior windows, tires and wheels.

·      Car - $200, SUV - $225, Suburban - $240

Exterior Detail

·      We hand wax your paint to a glossy finish, clean and treat all molding, tires, wheels, and exterior windows

·      Car - $100, SUV - $120, Suburban - $130

Interior Detail

·      We high pressure and steam clean carpets and floor mats, clean and treat all vinyl, upholstery/leather, and interior windows

·      Car - $110, SUV - $130, Suburban - $140

Hand Wash

·      We wash your car with special care and hand dry using soft cloths, including exterior windows

·      Car - $35, SUV - $40, Suburban - $45

Tar, Tree Sap, Overspray Removal

·      We use professional techniques to remove tar, tree sap, and overspray, we suggest an Exterior Detail afterwards

·      Pricing determined by estimate

Spot Clean & Carpet Shampoo

·      We shampoo utilizing a high temperature cleaning process that lifts dirt and stains out of your carpet

·      Pricing determined by estimate

FloorMat Cleaning

·      We high pressure clean and steam clean your floor mats

·      All pricing based on a set of 4 mats. Car - $20, SUV - $30, Suburban - $40

Dog Hair Removal

·      We remove dog hair from your car’s interior

·      Pricing determined by estimate